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Mistress Eva and Aria Luxe

Escort Double with Domme. Femdom MISTRESS EVA dominates sub girl ARIA LUXE. Elite Mistress and GFE/PSE Escort.

I have been toying with my beautiful sub girl Aria for years now. But I thought that it was about time that she came to play with me – in session. She is such a darling, a killer in the sack, and hangs off hungrily to my every word.

This is a rare opportunity to dominate her with me. Watch. Or both become my little playthings… I have a preference to extract the sexiest little purrs and moans from her – through bondage, a little torture, and my all time favourite, a good dose of deep penetration.

I would highly recommend that you be the real life dildo that I can use on my sweet Aria.

But if you’re not up to the task, I may use her to see how far we can take you to your erotic edges…

How a session may begin...

Picture yourself walking into our suite. I am dressed in my tightest latex and tell you to sit down tight, in a chair. I then slide open the bedroom door, revealing Aria, in her tiniest lingerie, kneeling and waiting on the floor. I command her to get up and to walk slowly towards you. I then tell her to undress you, slowly.

You go hard immediately, and so she releases you from your pants – first. I tell her to stop, and I slip a cock strap on you. It only makes you harder. I then tell her to sit on your lap to undo your shirt. Your cock somehow gets larger and harder.

I tell Aria to step back and remove her tiny bra. She does. I then tell her to come to me. I adore playing with Aria’s gorgeous nipples and take the opportunity to dress them with my finest nipple clamps. She moans a soft and beautiful warm moan. Her panties are getting wet, and so I tell her to take them off too.

I put her panties into your mouth.

To be continued…



Femdom sub girl Doubles Dominatrix Escort Mistress Eva Aria Luxe



$2000 per hour


$5000 for three hours


Rate available upon request



“It was a night of many firsts for me; first time with a Mistress, first time in a dungeon, first time in a doubles session.

I have seen Aria before and any man will attest that she is out of this world, but I never knew of her to be a slave girl. Upon reading the Mistress’ description of how a session may proceed, I was instantly hooked and determined to experience this for myself.

Seeing Mistress Eva in person for the first time, I felt like a schoolboy in the principal’s office. There is an intimidating elegance about her as she towers over me in her heels and latex outfit. Her sultry voice commands obedience, yet there was a sense of playfulness in her stern demeanour.

She guides me through the dungeon, highlighting all the apparatus at play, a hint of what is to follow. We established our safe word but I was eager not to disappoint. Mistress proceeds to test my pain threshold, pushing further and further. A little bit more and I would have cracked, but Mistress must have read me well as she stops just before I yield. Aria was very much the pleasure after the pain, as Mistress commands her to attend to me and vice versa. I very much enjoyed being the real life dildo at her Mistress’ disposal.

This experience was everything I had hoped for and more. I cannot express my appreciation enough to Mistress Eva and Aria for guiding me through my first BDSM experience.

My fears have now been realised, I have tasted the dark side and now I want more…”


“Double Trouble: Mistress Eva fortunately had the patience to initially accept me with my flaws and faults and kindly allowed me onto stage two – ‘sharpening the edges’.

She certainly is the Lady of nuance and paying attention at any given time is of upmost importance. Her commands or clues come well dosed and She will not repeat Her wish.

Whilst my excitement under Her leads to unprecedented clumsiness, She started with a round of questioning and had tied me to a chair when there was a knock at the door.

Moments later, I found myself in between Mistress Eva and Her slave girl Aria Luxe. Aria arrived in a skin tight body suit under which she had nothing but Her wonderful body – all of it at Mistress Eva’s discretion. Aria alone has beauty and presence for any sudden explosion – but the combination of them both is lethal.

Within the next hour – once again – Mistress Eva allowed me to be part of the ultimate experience and enabled me to grow further, to control myself (under very severe conditions) – and most importantly, to listen and obey.

Ever since then I understand where Mistress Eva’s training will lead to and I continue to be most grateful for any bit of Her time.”


Mistress Eva | Aria Luxe
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